On October 2, 2019, a network of groups and partners across the country will join together to promote the benefits of energy efficiency on the fourth annual nationwide Energy Efficiency Day campaign.

Check out these ideas for actions you can take during and leading up to #EEDay2019!

For Energy Efficiency Day 2019, we’re asking partners to:

1. Sign up as supporters. If you’re able to join on behalf of your organization or company, we’ll add your name to our growing list of official supporters.

2. Amplify pro-energy efficiency messaging on social media, in e-newsletters and blogs, and on your website. Check out the sample visuals and messages in our Social Media Toolkit, and consider providing links to your own online energy efficiency tips and resources. Please use hashtag #EEDay2019 for all your online posts!

3. Ask your local and state elected officials to issue an Energy Efficiency Day Proclamation. Download a sample proclamation here.

4. Pitch local media with your own energy efficiency stories – we’ve seen growing interest from news outlets, including television.

For more information about Energy Efficiency Day, contact: info@energyefficiency.org