Energy Efficiency Day shines light on the many advantages of adopting efficient measures and  behaviors that enable you to save money, reduce pollution, and create jobs. By participating in #EEDay2023 on October 4th, we highlight how individuals can take small steps that add up to lasting comfort, better health, and lower energy costs. 

How does energy efficiency lead to cleaner air? When we prevent energy waste, we also avoid the need to generate more power produced from fossil fuels to meet our needs, as well as the climate-warming pollution that accompany it. Using less energy enables us to stretch the electricity produced from emissions-free sources, such as wind and solar, further to keep our homes comfortable and businesses operating.

How can you support efficiency?

You can sign on as a supporter now for free. You’ll receive email updates with great tips on how to save energy and reduce your utility bills.

You can urge your workplace to sign on. Many organizations that support EEDay use the opportunity to publicize their good work, products or services, while sharing information on how to become more involved. See current participants.

You can ask your elected officials to issue a proclamation that officially recognizes the first Wednesday in October as Energy Efficiency Day. These proclamations, which elected officials and other leaders promote, bring even more attention to the benefits of efficiency and spur more people to make easy energy-saving changes in their lives.

 Join the conversation on October 4th!

Use our social media toolkit to amplify the benefits of energy efficiency on October 4th. Be sure to follow us on FB and Twitter, and use the hashtag #EEDay2023 to share your own energy-saving tips, success stories, and why energy efficiency is important to you. 

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Energy Efficiency Day’s organizers:

  • Combined Heat and Power Alliance (CHP Alliance)
  • Environment America 
  • RMI