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Energy Efficiency Day is Oct. 4

Join us on Oct. 4 to celebrate working together toward greater #energyefficiency. #EEDay2023


#EEDay2023 is October 4, 2023. Have you signed up? (It’s free!). Your voice is important. #EnergyEfficiency is a powerful solution to save money, cut pollution, and create jobs! 


Clean energy tax credits are transforming the U.S. economy. See how your state is taking advantage of the Inflation Reduction Act benefits. #EEDay2023


#SaveMoney = #CutPollution = #CreateJobs. Pledge to cut energy waste for National #EnergyEfficiency Day on Oct. 4 bit.ly/EEDay2023 #EEDay2023

Take the pledge to #SaveMoney, #CutPollution & #CreateJobs for National #EnergyEfficiency Day on Oct. 4! bit.ly/EEDay2023 #EEDay2023

#EEDay2023 is just around the corner. Sign up today to prioritize #energyefficiency in your community.


Oct 4 is National #EnergyEfficiency Day. Join and pledge to #SaveMoney, #CutPollution & #CreateJobs for #EEDay2023. bit.ly/EEDay2023

Join thousands of people who have already pledged to #SaveMoney, #CutPollution & #CreateJobs for #EEDay2022 on Oct. 4.! bit.ly/EEDay2023

Have you heard about the Home Efficiency Rebates Program? $4.3 Billion is available to support it! 

Goal: Reduce upfront costs of whole home energy upgrades, across the U.S. #EEDay2023 #EnergyEfficiency


Energy Efficiency saves money, cuts pollution and creates jobs. What’s not to like? For Energy Efficiency Day, #EEDay2023, let’s work together to cut energy waste. Join the thousands of people who have already pledged to save energy and money on Oct. 4. bit.ly/EEDay2023

Let your mayor and governor know how much you support #energyefficiency. It’s all about lower utility bills, cutting pollution, and creating jobs. #EEDay2023 is Oct. 4 and is the day to show how energy efficiency helps everyone, year-round. bit.ly/EEDay2023

Did you hear? $90 Million was approved by the Department of Energy to support U.S. buildings to meet updated energy efficient building codes. See more about the awards: https://www.energy.gov/eere/buildings/articles/meet-btos-newest-projects-support-more-resilient-and-efficient-building


Energy efficiency could meet 1/3 of our expected electricity generation needs by 2030. This #EEDay2023 on Oct. 4, let’s work together to cut energy waste. Join the thousands of people who have already pledged to save energy and money. bit.ly/EEDay2023

Are you a renter wondering how you can improve energy efficiency in your home? Look at these DIY tips & tricks – plus Inflation Reduction Act incentives to support your efforts. 

#EEDay2023 #EnergyEfficiency


Did you know? #EnergyEfficiency could meet 1/3 of expected power needs by 2030. This #EEDay2023 on Oct. 4, let’s work together to cut energy waste. bit.ly/EEDay2023

Who won “Most Improved” in ACEEE’s State Energy Efficiency Scorecard? The pine state, Maine! 

Learn how: https://www.aceee.org/sites/default/files/pdfs/State_Scorecard/2022/one-pagers/Maine.pdf

#EEDay2023 #success #EnergyEfficiency

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