Just in time for #EEDay2021, a new report shows the breadth and depth of the U.S. workforce that helps people save money at their homes and businesses. People who dedicate their lives to finding the often-invisible culprits that rob buildings of their potential to perform well, these skilled workers focus on ways to waste less energy.

You’re Friends with Their Cousin

Chances are, you know people represented in the new Energy Efficiency Jobs in America report. One or more of these professionals is likely to live next door, or just down the street. Your kids might go to school together.

In fact, 99.8% of all U.S. counties are home to EE workers. You can find your state here and compare locations. More than two million people go to work every day to bring efficiency to your town, state, or region. These include jobs making ENERGY STAR appliances and providing better light bulbs but also much more.

Potential for Growth

If you think two million workers sounds like a lot, consider the need that exists for ramping up this country’s EE workforce significantly as we embark on the clean energy transition. 

One example: Old homes are typically more in need of efficiency improvements. What if our nation set out to improve all older U.S. residential units (built before 2000?) Over a million full-time jobs would result, as shown in the report’s analysis. 

If energy efficiency is to reach its full potential, we must make it more visible.

Please help convince your leaders and lawmakers that efficiency needs to be prioritized. The new report devotes a full page to policy solutions, many of which you can participate in or learn more about. Let your voice be heard!

A “Swiss Army Knife” of Solutions

At home, efficiency reduces energy costs for individuals while it improves well-being. Buildings created to a higher standard using updated energy codes are also dramatically more resilient. 

More broadly, efficiency is the subset of the energy sector that holds the most power and promise of solutions for both climate and economy. Paired with renewable energy, efficiency improvements are enormously impactful. (See why energy efficiency is often called the Swiss Army Knife of Clean Energy.)

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