Energy Efficiency Day provides a unique opportunity to educate the public about saving energy and your organization or company’s role in doing so. Over the last four years, companies, utilities and organizations have reached out to local news outlets to share stories about how customers can save money and energy with simple upgrades at home or in their workplace.

We’re looking forward to seeing your local news coverage around #EEDay2019. If you would like, you can use the template media advisory and press release we’ve put together.

We know these pitches can work: In 2018, WLUC in Michigan covered student efforts to reduce energy waste, while KSNT in Kansas featured the state’s first Energy Efficiency Expo. In 2017, Great Day Washington DC invited District of Columbia Sustainable Energy Utility to share ways to save on home energy bills. In Honolulu, KOHN2 interviewed Hawai’i Energy Executive Director Brian Kealoha. Four States aired a story by KSN-TV in Joplin, Missouri, with energy-saving tips that focused on a regional program to help low-income residents save energy and money.

Interested in seeing your own company or organization featured in Energy Efficiency Day coverage? Here are some story tips to get you started:

  • Switching to LED light bulbs: When reaching out to your local news program, let them know you can demonstrate on television how viewers can save money by switching to LED light bulbs. Provide tips on the different kinds of LED bulbs available for homes and businesses.
  • Sealing air leaks: Demonstrate how to caulk and weatherstrip at home.
  • Accessing local utility rebates: Discuss energy efficiency incentives provided by your local utility, such as rebates for installing an updated heating and cooling system.
  • Upgrading appliances: Talk about what it means, where to purchase improved appliances, and how much money consumers can save upgrading.
  • Choose your energy-saving hack: The Energy Efficiency Day website provides a variety of energy saving tips, for hot weather or any time of year. Consider demonstrating several for a TV audience, or pick one that will resonate best for your local market.  

Remember that visuals are a key part of any story; an LED light bulb, double-pane window, or a door seal strip can help make energy efficiency relatable and concrete to reporters and readers/viewers.  You can learn more about energy efficiency technologies that can cut your home energy use.