October 6, 2021, is the day to celebrate energy efficiency in the United States and Canada. You can play your part in bringing your community together.

Even if this is your first year participating in Energy Efficiency Day, be bold! You can become an official supporter and urge friends, co-workers, neighbors, and your family to join in the celebration. The more time we spend sharing ideas and learning about the power we have to increase energy efficiency, the faster we can all help cut carbon and other pollution — and breathe easier.

And when you do plug into #EEDay2021 by hosting an event, we want to help you elevate Energy Efficiency Day within your local community.

Here are a few ideas…

  • Host a mini energy treasure hunt. Check your home for drafty windows, leaky faucets, and energy-guzzling appliances, gadgets, or other technology. Then assess the opportunities for making improvements to save energy and improve comfort. Here’s a checklist to help you get started. 
  • Enlist an energy pro. Invite an energy professional to perform a virtual or in-person audit of your home or workplace. Urge others to observe the audit so you can learn together how to save energy. Many utilities offer energy audits or can help you find a qualified professional to do one. See more resources here.
  • Bring together your co-workers. Plan a virtual meeting with colleagues or organize a volunteer activity for them.
  • Reach out to elected officials to participate. Ask friends and neighbors to write a letter, make a phone call, or even host an energy efficiency event in your community to urge your elected officials to participate in Energy Efficiency Day, issue a proclamation, and/or find local ways to reduce energy waste. When you have your event details in place, send us an email and we can help share what you have planned on social media. And on October 6th, if you snap a photo and use #EEDay2021 or @EfficiencyDay on Twitter, we’ll amplify your posts.

Join us on Energy Efficiency Day on October 6, 2021, to celebrate energy efficiency. Sign up as a supporter or ask your elected officials to issue a proclamation.