Among the many positive impacts that energy efficiency brings to our local communities is its ability to create jobs. There are now more than 2.3 million energy efficiency jobs in the United States. Announced in the 2019 U.S. Energy & Employment Report, the energy efficiency sector produced the most new jobs of any other sector — more than oil, natural gas, nuclear, solar, or wind. Even more jobs related to energy efficiency have emerged including professions in vehicle fuel economy or alternative fuel vehicles. 

See Energy Efficiency is Driving the U.S. Economy Forward (2018) for key reasons this is important for everyone. An updated report will be released in mid-September with state-specific details showing growth areas and top states.

With all these jobs created, there is increased local income for construction and professional services which supports long-term growth of local industries while freeing up money to be spent on energy efficient products and services — as well as elsewhere in the economy. This exchange between creating jobs that last and investing locally today, is helping everyone save money, cut carbon, and avoid harmful pollution. 

This video about the energy efficiency workforce features some of the 2.3 million energy efficiency pros who work in the U.S. and help us save energy.