On the second annual Energy Efficiency Day (#EEDay2017), a broad network of partners across the U.S. promoted the benefits of reducing energy waste: save money, lessen pollution, and create jobs. More than 200 entities signed up as official supporters, and thousands expressed their support through social media.

More than 30 cities, counties and states issued official proclamations recognizing October 5 as Energy Efficiency Day—as did the U.S. Senate. Social media engagement was up 68 percent from 2016!

Twitter was aflutter on #EEDAY2017.

The hashtag had at least

mentions leading up to and during EEDay2017, with an estimated reach of


The Internet lit up with enthusiasm for efficiency!

Government Support


To show their commitment to saving energy, officials of 6 states, 7 counties and 19 cities issued proclamations. A widely shared video highlighted many of the proclamations. In Asheville, NC, officials provided 300 LEDs to support staff participation in the light bulb challenge. Elected officials tweeted support for #EEDay2017, including Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero, City of Cincinnati and City of Orlando.

Business Support


Big businesses charged ahead on Twitter, with tweets from Walmart Today, PG&E, Nest, BPI Inc., Cree Inc.and others.

Organizational Support


Hawai’i Energy promoted proclamations from four Hawai’i mayors. The International Partnership for Energy Efficiency Cooperation celebrated #EEDay2017 by tweeting about world energy savings. Consumer Federation of America released a tip sheet of 10 Ways to Save Energy with a “big shout-out for Energy Efficiency Day.” Many groups published blog posts, including NRDC, ACEEE, NEEP, EDF, E4TheFuture and Consumer Reports.

News Coverage


Great Day Washington DC invited a local group to share ways to save on home energy bills. KITV Island News covered the proclamations by 4 Hawai’i mayors, and KOHN2 in Honolulu covered #EEDay2017 and interviewed Hawai’i Energy Executive Director Brian Kealoha. Four States aired a story by KSN-TV featuring energy-saving tips and a regional program to help low-income residents save energy and money.

EE Day Continues the Humor and Creativity!


#EEDay2017 was a chance for many to have fun with photos, humor and even poetry—continuing a trend that now feels like a part of Energy Efficiency Day’s culture. A few of our favorites include an Arthur reference, an amazing cat, and Game of Thrones (a theme that started in 2016 and is too good to stop).


The Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance again led the way on creativity, this time with #EEMovies, leveraging pop-culture icons Ryan Gosling, Star Wars and E.T. to promote the wonders of energy efficiency.

#EEDay2017 showed what’s possible when energy efficiency proponents join together!

We’re looking forward to an even more successful #EEDay2018.