Searching for ways to engage on Energy Efficiency Day? Look no further! Business leaders, elected officials, and advocates will be hosting events across the U.S. and Puerto Rico during the national day of awareness about the benefits energy efficiency.

Are you hosting an Energy Efficiency Day event? Send us an email with your event details (event name, date, location, cost, and contact information) and we’ll add it to our list.

2019 Events:

American University () is hosting a meet-up on the quad between 11 and 1:30pm to learn about #ledlighting projects, #HVAC upgrades, and other innovative projects AU has undertaken to reduce enegry use.

BlueGreen Alliance is hosting a table at the Columbia Heights Farmers Market in Washington, D.C. and will be handing out materials and information to the public on the benefits and importance of energy efficiency. They also will be releasing a 2019 Energy Efficiency Day Playlist, featuring a collection of energy inspired music.

Cape Light Compact is partnering with the Towns of Chatham and Oak Bluffs to hold a “Main Streets Event” to small businesses in each of those towns to help them save energy and money. Our energy specialists will be providing no-cost energy assessments to targeted small businesses and offer immediate installations of screw-in LEDs, faucet aerators, thermostats and more. Customers will also be provided with a customized report on other energy-saving opportunities that they may pursue, which include limited time enhanced incentives to encourage customers to move forward with the recommendations.

Gas and Eversource are partnering to conduct coordinated on-site visits to small business customers in Springfield, delivering no-cost energy assessments performed by skilled professionals from contracted local vendors Advanced Energy Group and Center for EcoTechnology.

The District of Columbia’s Department of Energy and Environment is hosting a tour of the Ionia R Whipper Home and will have free give-aways and helpful tips on how to save money and energy! Representatives from the Public Service Commission, Office of the People’s Council, DC Sustainable Energy Utility, Total Razzaq, and more vendors will also be present.

Kansas Energy Program hosts an energy efficiency expo where anyone can learn about energy efficiency and what to do to have an impact on energy consumption and costs.

Liberty Utilities of Massachusetts is proud to sponsor a “Main Street Effort” for small businesses in Fall River. During this event trusted energy specialists will target small businesses and offer immediate installs of LED’s, smart thermostats, power strips, and future energy-savings recommendations for small business owners.

National Grid is hosting a day-long ‘Main Streets Effort’ in Newburyport, MA for small business customers in which on-site, no-cost energy assessments will be performed and offered by our trusted and contracted direct install vendor, Energy Source.

Repowering Illinois for All is hosting a deep-dive into the energy efficiency components of The Clean Energy Jobs Act which is currently under consideration by the Illinois state legislature. The webinar will range from expanding electric efficiency requirements to creating new gas efficiency programs.

Team Green Zone and the University of Memphis College of Business & Economics are hosting a half-day event, Efficiently Improving Your Bottom Line, to bring together thought leaders and practical applications that will enable businesses to reduce their operating costs by improving energy efficiency.

You can host your own event on October 2, 2019. See a few tips on how to do it.

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